Under Decree No. 13 of July 2005, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has recognized the

Wood-Cork Services Consortium
(Consorzio Servizio Legno-Sughero)

as the entity in charge of the IPPC/FAO mark in Italy and has approved regulations on the use of the FITOK Voluntary Phytosanitary Mark (VPM).

Regulations on the use of the FITOK Voluntary Phytosanitary Mark, approved by the Italian NPPO, define the features of the accreditation and control system in relation to issuing and maintaining the right to use the IPPC/FAO and FITOK marks.

Otherwise we can offer Pallets of pressed wood exent ISPM 15 FAO and with certification.


Intresting Link:

FAO - Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN

IPPC - International Plant Protection Convention

WTO - World Trade Organisation

International Forestry Quarantine Research Group

Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali

Servizio Fitosanitario Centrale


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